Country and nationality

Argentinean and Spanish based in Spain 

Professional role in the film industry

Director, filmmaker, colourist and producer.  

Years of experience in the film industry

 4 years  

Silvia Sandra

Silvia, an Italian-Argentinean living in Spain, has always had a passion for art. For years she dedicated herself to dance and immersed herself in the film industry in her forties.  

In quarantine she decided to write and shoot her first short film, which was successful in some film festivals in Australia. This led her to contact a renowned Australian director who encouraged her to continue on this path, which gave her the courage and even more desire to further her directing career. She is currently combining her directing duties with executive producing her first international feature film. 


Although Silvia began to study filmmaking in the year of the pandemic, when many productions stopped and the industry suffered a hard blow, this, far from slowing her down, motivated her. At this time of quarantine and restrictions on movement, she was unable to travel to Australia to receive an award, but she was able to meet, through a videoconference, a director who inspired her and gave her the strength to continue on her path as a director.  

Silvia recognises that the challenges, as a woman, are always greater in this industry, because you have to prove yourself twice as much as a man, train twice as much to show that you know as much or more than others. 

Overcoming Obstacles 

Silvia decided to expand her skills and opportunities by becoming an all-rounder to overcome the barriers of a male-dominated industry. Networking is very important to get her hands on any job she can to allow her to climb the ladder. She studied camera, post-production, colourism, acting… all of which “added more strings to my bow so that I actually offered more prospects and more people contacted me.” This way, in every decision making, he can put his “extra” knowledge to good use to avoid being challenged by other members of the shoot. 


It’s never too late to reinvent yourself and change your career path.  Don’t be afraid and throw yourself into doing and learning something you are passionate about. Film has so many possible roles and there’s bound to be one for you. 



The WIFILM Case Study Library will provide VET providers, females interested in developing a career within the industry, or those working alongside females in the industry with a series of case studies on successful women in the film industry. The Case Study Library will highlight the barriers to entry for females in the industry, including deficits in role models, confidence, and career planning.

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