Country and nationality


Professional role in the film industry

Stunts / precision driver

Years of experience in the film industry

6 years

Beatriz Arregui

Beatriz got her start in stunt almost by inheritance. Her father and brother have always been great lovers of vehicles and racing. Her brother has been a stuntman for many years and these two men in her life encouraged her to get started in the world of cinema. Beatriz is one of the examples of the importance of having strong support to encourage you to follow your path.  


Thanks to the support she has received in her environment, Beatriz’s main challenges as a stuntwoman are purely professional: to be better and better at what she does. A world in which there are more and more women like her and more and more competition.  

Overcoming Obstacles 

The biggest obstacle for Beatriz has been fighting against herself. When she started out, if one of her scenes had to be repeated, she felt guilty thinking that she hadn’t done it well enough. Today, she is aware that on a shoot there are many pieces of the puzzle that have to fit together and she is just one of them. That it’s okay to fail, and that scene repetitions are not always her responsibility.  


Train yourself and train every day to be the best at what you do.  



The WIFILM Case Study Library will provide VET providers, females interested in developing a career within the industry, or those working alongside females in the industry with a series of case studies on successful women in the film industry. The Case Study Library will highlight the barriers to entry for females in the industry, including deficits in role models, confidence, and career planning.

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